A fun Park Ave holiday stroll with The NYC team



Bernadette, a.k.a. Bern, has been part of our Dr. Jacquie Smiles team since she was 8 years old, initially as a patient in our Woodbury, Long Island practice, and now as one of our hygienists, getting her hygiene degree at NYU. Bern says, “Since I was a kid getting braces with Dr Jacquie, I have been wanting to be a part of the dental field. I love educating patients in and out of the office about bettering their dental hygiene routines with simple, quick and efficient techniques.” In her pastime, you can find her biking at SoulCycle or living at the beach.


Blanca is one of our friendly & most worldly hygienists in our NYC office. She has been working in the dental field for 17 years and during her cleanings, Blanca says she constantly talks to her patients about everything under the sun from oral health care and flossing to traveling the world. Blanca says, “I enjoy people and I am an avid traveler and have been all over the globe. I love NYC’s diversity and it’s amazing the different truths patients have when it comes to brushing and keeping their teeth clean. Many patients don’t realize that “natural” bristles or medium or hard bristled toothbrushes damage your teeth and do more harm than good. Please only use “synthetic soft bristles” and I’ll teach you a lot more when you sit in my chair!” :)) In addition, she says that she’s a gym rat and loves how positive it makes her feel after working out and exercising.


Brooke is a warm and friendly face who welcomes you to our office as one of our patient coordinators. After getting her bachelor’s degree in early childhood education, Brooke knew that she wanted to go into the nursing and medical field to help people and children. Brooke says, “I have been working in our office for a short time and absolutely love that I decided to pursue a career within the dental field. When I am not working, I enjoy spending most of my time in the kitchen, trying out new recipes as well as baking. Brooke says that autumn is her favorite season because she love being outdoors whether it’s going hiking, camping or even taking rides at an amusement park.


Filomena is one of our dental team leaders and helps the NYC team coordinate and synchronize the office, patient and team schedules. She is a graduate of Briarcliffe College with a degree in business administration. Filomena aids in overseeing the orthodontic and dental treatment plans. Filomena says, “I love working one on one with each patient and guiding them through the doctor’s treatment plan. I am here to make the process as seamless as possible because every patient has a different need and dental necessity.” Filomena enjoys traveling with her family and gets her exercise in with hot yoga and long walks with her dog, Niko.


Josette is a familiar face to our patients at our dental health fairs throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx and also, at our NYC office. Josette says, “Educating people about the different aspect of dentistry at our health fairs is a perfect balance for me to introduce our orthodontic and cosmetic dental teams to them. More often than not, people just want to find a good dental home with great care. It’s easy for me because that’s exactly us . . . with the most advanced dental technology!” As our senior clinical coordinator, Josette is responsible for making sure all of the day-to-day operations run smoothly and efficiently. When she’s not working, Josette spends most of her time with her daughter – most oftenly at the movies, shopping or grabbing a bite.


Lauren is one of our energetic and friendly senior college year interns interested in going to dental school. Lauren says, “Interning here has definitely confirmed my aspirations of wanting to go into the medical field, especially dentistry and I realized that medicine is much more than just being good at math and science. The team here is very patient focused and has taught me that there is a person attached to every smile and every set of teeth!” In my free time I love spending time with my family and friends; and in addition occasionally getting out on the basketball court and play a quick game of pick up.


 Marie has been a part of our Dr. Jacquie Smiles family for close to 10 years and initially started out as an assistant, then office manager and now administrator for our offices. As our practice administrator, Marie oversees the day to day operations and is involved in our patients’ overall treatment. Marie is known for her cheerful devotion by our family of patients and has even been known to get back to them during non-business hours. Marie says, “I am a people person and running my own business previously has helped me work closely with each and every patient and personality to help ensure that they could have the best dental experience possible.” Marie & her husband are native New Yorkers, originally from Brooklyn, and moved to Orange County to raise their children. When Marie is not working, she loves spending her free time in Lake George with her husband, children and dog, Candy.


 Mirna is a bubbly and friendly face who welcomes you to our office as one of our scheduling coordinators. She began her journey in the dental field, after getting her bachelor’s degree from St. Joseph’s College in Brooklyn. Mirna says, “I am excited to be part of a great team and amazing work family. It’s a perfect synergy between my degree and my customer service skills I learned from my previous career at Victoria’s Secret.” In her free time, Mirna likes to spend time with her family and friends. One of her favorite hobbies is dancing and enjoys to watch the different choreographies as she teaches it to herself.


Samantha has been part of our Dr Jacquie Smiles family as a former patient, intern and now team member. She joined us to help oversee and supervise all new and existing projects and is responsible for seeing them come to life. Samantha says, “I have almost completed my undergraduate studies at Holy Cross and working with the doctors and patients in our office is so positive that it just reinforces my desire to go to medical or dental school.” In Samantha’s free time, when she is not working or studying, she enjoys dancing and is on her college’s hip-hop team called Fusion.


Wendy is part of our clinical team and has a positive infectious energy when it comes to educating patients about their dental health. She has over 9 years of experience in dentistry and gets excited about advancing in the latest dental technology. With a big smile, Wendy says, “My favorite part of our clinical team is that we are constantly ahead of the curve when it comes to any advanced or new technology within dentistry. I enjoy educating patients about their complete oral health care and the technology we use here makes it that much easier to show them how to do it.” On her spare time, Wendy enjoys summer outdoor activities and loves to cook for her family friends and especially us.