Invisalign Aligners in NYC

What are the Invisalign aligners?

Aligners, also called “repositioners” or “contact lenses for teeth,” look similar to some whitening trays, but are made of a clear, strong, medical-grade plastic polymer that is virtually invisible when worn. They are made utilizing a 3-D computer imaging technology which was first envisioned in 1945 by Dr. H.D. Kesling. Dr. Jacquie Smiles offers Invisalign Aligners to her patients in the New York City area. These aligners are removal for daily function and still allow you to eat your favorite foods and continue an active, physical lifestyle. They do not hold you back in any way as they are seemingly invisible to the average eye and you will never feel self- conscious when attending events and functions. Through an Invisalign treatment you will still be able to maintain regular, healthy oral hygiene and upkeep.

Invisalign Aligners are the solution you are looking for.

Most people are not aware just how complex the Invisalign ® manufacturing process is, and it is important for our patients to understand what actually goes into each and every aligner. The link below offers you insight to the step by step process in developing your custom Invisalign aligners.

Invisalign Aligners in New York City

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